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This university was founded by Dr. Chen Tien-Chi in 1966 under the name - Chungtai Junior College. After almost thirty-nine years, on July 1, 1998, approval was granted to upgrade to a Medical Technology College . Later, on August 1, 2005, the college was upgraded to the University of Science and Technology. Over the years Chung Tai has grown, not only as a provider of technological expertise, but as a sphere of humane and life affirming academic study. 

Currently, there are 305 full time teachers, among which, 68% are assistant professors. In 2003 we allocated NT$0.18 billion budget to construct a dormitory for graduate students and outstanding scholars. This facility has been completed and is currently in operation. More recently, NT$0.85 billion has been allocated for the construction of a research buildings and a library and information building which were completed in May, 2008. Upon completion of these buildings total area of buildings are about 39,650 m2. In recent years we have also increased the quantity of our combined library collection to over 210,000 books.

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