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TDTU post-doc scholarship


  • Ton Duc Thang University Post-doc Scholarship is sponsored by Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) for postdoctoral researchers;

  • TDTU Post-doc Scholarship also aims to support, promote research activities by providing the financial support to postdoctoral researchers for their scientific researches and publications in ISI / Scopus journals.


  • Being less than 45 years old at the time of application;

  • Holding a PhD degree;

  • Published at least 02 ISI journals for Science and Engineering fields; 01 ISI journal or 02 Scopus journals for Social, Economics, Finance, Business …fields. All ISI / Scopus papers must comply with TDTU's scientific publication requirements.

  • Being proficient in English;

  • Recommended by advisors;


  • Receiving monthly income as a full-time researcher according to the registered annual publications;

  • Accommodation support for international researchers;

  • Working office, laboratories; and other supports from advisors.

Duty of post-doc

  • Register the target ISI publications which are agreed by Department for Management of Science and Technology Development and approved by the President;

  • Do one of the following services (clearly registered in the plan with proven evidence):

  • Teaching (theory + practice): 3 credits/year for undergraduate level or 2 credits/year for graduate level;

  • Seminar: 04 seminars/year.



  • Curriculum Vitae (including publication list);

  • Certified copy of PhD degree;

  • Research plan agreed by the Advisor;

  • Letter of Consent from the Advisor guaranteeing the applicant’s target publications;

  • Reference Letter from the experts (at least 02 including the PhD advisor and other experts).

How to apply:

  • Applicants applying for a post-doc scholarship should submit the application together support documents and send them (as scanned documents) to one of the followings:

    • Advisor;

    • School of Graduate Studies – SGS

    • Department for Management of Science and Technology Development - DEMASTED