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Toko University

Toko University was founded in August 2001. It is located in Pu-tzu City of Chia- Yi County in southern Taiwan. The campus is surrounded by a group of government offices, medical facilities, and educational-cultural centers that include the office building of the Chia-Yi County Administration, the branch exhibition hall of National Palace Museum, and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. The distinetive Spanish Style campus building are spread across 35 acres od lands.

Toko University is an ideal place to learn new skills and to develop one’s mind. Dr. Anthony Si-An Chen and Dr. A-Tsai Chen, the two co-founders of Toko University, see the spike of rice as the symbol of education and learning at Toko University where students receive quality training and education in taking part of the nation’s construction and growth. “The taller the rice plant grows, the lower it bends,” is the metaphor of being humble and modest in learning and pursuit of excellency. The spirit of growing rice captures the spirit of Toko University.

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