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Dong-A University, Korea

Dong-A University, Korea

Dong-A University is located in Busan, South Korea, the country’s second most-populated city after the capital Seoul. It’s one of only two universities within Greater Busan that has both a medical school and a law school. In 2021, the university is ranked #601-650 in the QS World University Ranking.

The university is split across three campuses: Seunghak, Gudeok, and Bumin. The Seunghak Campus is arguably the most scenic, located on the slopes of Mt. Seunghak and within sight of Ulsuk-do, an islet that is home to migratory birds near the mouth of the Nakdong River. Gudeok is a 20-minute journey from the other campuses and is located close to the forests of Daeshin Citizen’s Park. Bumin is located in central Busan.

The school's comprehensive undergraduate programs are provided through 12 faculties, covering fields from Physical Education, Natural Sciences, and Engineering to Social Sciences, Law, and Medicine. In addition to a general graduate school, there are eight specialized graduate schools: Northeast Asian Studies, Business Administration, Education, Industry, Mass Communications, Policy Sciences, Law and Police, and Arts.

The undergraduate and graduate academic programs in archaeology, offered through the departments of Archaeology and Art History and the Dong-A University Museum, are the most well-known in Korea.

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Dong-A University, Korea