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2023 Poland Scholarship Programme

Number of scholarships:



Education Level:

  • Bachelor;

  • Master (ME/Msc); and

  • Ph.D.



  • Bachelor: 03 - 04 years;

  • Master (MA/MSc): 02 years;

  • Ph.D.: 03 - 04 years.

Not including 01 year for Polish study

The Polish side does not accept educating in the major of Medicine, Pharmacy and Arts



  • Polish. Students without Polish knowledge will be allocated 01 year for Polish language study before entering the major. Then, the students must pass the Polish Proficiency Exam;

  • For specialized courses, students must pass the entrance exams (depending on the specific requirements of the Higher Education Institutions and study programs) to be officially admitted to the major. If students do not meet the requirements in these exams, they have to return to their home country and fully reimburse the tuition fees to the government or switch to self-financed study.


Scholarship inclusions:

  • The Poland Government waives tuition fee, research fee, accommodation in dormitory in accodance with the Polish Government's regulations;

  • The Vietnam Government grants one-way airfaires, travel fees, visa fees, health insurance and monthly living allowances according to current regimes for international students.


Conditions of applicants:

Refer to the Section 2 at here for more details;


Documents for application:

Refer to the Section 3 at here for more details;


Deadline for application:



Procedures for application:

Refer to the Section 5 at here for more details;


Forms for application:

Refer to here