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Research Groups

TDTU has been collaborating with many partners and scientists, both domestic and internationally, with the aim of quickly developing science-technology activities of a global standard.

We want our experts and scientists to have easier access, negotiation and collaboration with the partners to invest and expand the facilities, serve all the important research activities, develop high-quality human resources which can run the most modern laboratories, design the criteria for outcome standards of science and technology activities following the top international universities. It is also crucial to boost the establishment of the key research groups and upgrade some into institutes which we hope will attract the best minds in Vietnam (as well as other countries) to come and work with TDTU for both long and short terms. TDTU has been proceeding with those policies for over 7 years.

With more than 70 research groups operating on large and various scales of cooperation, our science and technology products have been number one in Vietnam for 3 years, published in journals and world famous magazines (in the ISI/Scopus category). In the field of Technology Research, the university has submitted 20 invention applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in which four have already issued Patents (4 out of 17 patents earned by Vietnamese scientists from USPTO since 1975). TDTU is the first and only university to be awarded with American technology patents.

List of our Research Groups (click here)