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Nanna Voss, Lecturer Aarhus Business College (Denmark)

I visited Vietnam and TDTU this summer (July 2015), where I participated in a two-week course in Vietnamese history, culture and economy at TDTU. We also went to see significant Vietnamese companies, the Mekong delta and important historic sites. Altogether it has been one of the most enlightening and enjoyable courses I have participated in. I really think I have acquired a much better understanding of the Vietnamese people and their country. And it was a great honor for me to get better acquainted with the very kind and friendly people of Vietnam.


Emelie Resvik, Student Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden)

We have a course about Complexity, so I have been in District 3; we looked at the planning, and environment. We also have lectures here which are very interesting. We have project with students, then we have done inventory in this area (District 3), so we got to know the real atmosphere of the city. I like Asia because the people are friendly, and it is very different from Sweden, so it has been interesting to study in this culture, social life here.  

I think it has been a great experience to be here, TDTU is a good university. I think the teachers engaged students so well. About the students, I think it is very nice to be with them, so closely, and they are very friendly. I would say thank you to all teachers and students for having us. 


Park Hong Keun, Student Catholic Kwangdong University, South Korea

I took part in Summer Camp program of TDTU. This program is just wonderful and I think it is a great way to explore this beautiful country. I would like to thank the staff and those who have organized our trip. You have made me felt welcomed and I got to experience Vietnamese culture to the fullest. I have flied to Ho Chi Minh City and been taken to Mekong Delta, Cu Chi and Nha Trang. The hot weather, tropical fruit, long beaches and the boat trip represent the old and the new sight of Vietnam that I am really interested in. Again, thank you for your kindness and if you come to Korea, I would be happy to show you our story.


Rene Holm Andersen, Lecturer University College of Northern Denmark

The program is very good. I think students have learnt a lot about different cultures, and I suppose they can bring it to future, to the jobs that they are going to hold in the future. They can use some of the knowledge learnt from the cooperation that they are going to work in, Danish students are going to work in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, or if Vietnamese students are going to work in Europe, they can use a lot of those in intercultural skills which they learnt in two weeks. 


Lowell Jackson, Student Cornell University, the United States of America

I must say that this is a very beautiful campus. I also want to say that students are very nice, they really welcome us here; they take us on tour of the university and the city. They really make Vietnam a welcoming home-life experience. I have had an opportunity to talk with students here about our research topic, and they are very knowledgeable, they act very professionally, and they are very well-disciplined students.

Everybody here is so welcoming, we were able to have lunch at one of students’ home when we went outside of the university. The food was so delicious, the family was so welcoming. Also I want to say that the university was so hospitable to us, they gave us excellent dorm to live in; the food here has been wonderful. So I just want to say that Ton Duc Thang University is a really excellent institution


Thomas Pederson, Student, University College of Northern Denmark

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for having us – the Danish students. We had a very nice time, and we are very surprised to see that everyone of the University is very forthcoming and always friendly. It is a very beautiful country, and beautiful city. There are a lot of things to see in the city. The prices are very cheap, and people are very forthcoming, I haven’t seen one angry person here during the time I was here, so it is very recommendable to everybody.


Leanna Noble

What a GREAT opportunity and adventure! I taught labor relations at TDT and highly praise the professors, students and staff of this impressive university for their outstanding academics, friendliness and FUN approaches to learning and living. The sharing and learning will grow with you forever!